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Health Is the Road to Family Legacy

As the new year begin, this is a good time to reflect, make changes, add, edit and delete some things in our life. In my line of work, I focus so much on helping others obtain their goals in good health, wealth, legacy, etc until I found that I was not practicing what I preached.

A good friend of mine remind me - "Gale you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you can continue to help others." This was a wake up call for me. So this year let's incorporate taking time to take care of ourselves, relax and enjoy the beautiful world that the Lord has given us as we help others.

Come Let Us Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness as we give Him the Honor, the Glory and the Praise.

This year the GEL Health Advisor Team is going to focus on bringing more value to our existing and future customers. We are realizing that, Yes, we can market a Cancer policy that can help pay for family expenses like mortgages, utility bills, car notes, food, etc when you are not able too; but wouldn't it be beneficial if we could add a service that could possibly detect if you were a candidate for the dreaded disease before it happen or if we could sell you a policy even if you have had it in the past?

This is just one of the concepts that we are putting in place. We believe that Education is key. Throughout this year, we will conduct several You Need to Know session to inform, education and possible save some lives.

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